Kitchen cabinets are often the most important part of the home. They should offer piece of mind and comfort but most importantly they must offer performance, undergo, endure and withstand the test of time. A kitchen must offer functionality and must be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The design of your kitchen should be a reflection of your taste and personality not some generic grouping of boxes. A customer’s vision is brought to life at GRD. There is no such thing as “it can’t be done”. We are a custom builder and if you want it we will build it!

Customer service and quality custom cabinetry is what we are known for. Past customers can attest to Maurice’s passion and his attentiveness to every detail when it comes to designing, building and installing your kitchen.

We are different at GRD because you deal with one person throughout the whole process. All you need to do is call the office and set up an appointment to come in and meet with Maurice. He will sit down with you and look at any ideas that you have. He will ask you what the wish list for your kitchen is. He will then design the kitchen with the ideas that you had in mind and incorporate those wishes into the layout. He can also offer additional ideas to help create symmetrical lines while creating efficient use of space. When you get your kitchen /cabinetry is built by GRD Developments Inc you will only deal with Maurice along the way. He designs the cabinetry and he will come to your home and take the final measurements. All cabinets are custom at GRD and they are built to the millimeter, there is no such thing as standard sizes. The cabinets get built and installed. The installation is just as important as the design and build. Maurice will be there installing your cabinetry alongside our staff to ensure quality and attention to detail are maintained all the way to the end. A good installation job is a fundamental step in the final stages of bringing your kitchen to life!